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The Best Disney Presets For 2024

The Best Disney Presets For Disneyland And Disney World By Lou And Marks Presets

The Best Disney Lightroom Presets For Mobile & Desktop

Have you ever wondered how your favorite Disney influencer gets those stunning magical photos? The secret's out, they use Disney-themed presets. 

Disney Presets are filters applied to your photos to achieve a dreamy aesthetic. You can use the Free Lightroom Mobile App or Desktop Lightroom/Photoshop to edit your photos with presets. Disney-themed Presets elevate images and achieve that dreamy, whimsical photos edit.

For Disneyland you will need presets that enhance those dreamy California skies but will also help when you have gloomy grey skies in early spring & early summer. For Disney World you will also want a few preset options depending on what time of year you are visiting the park. 

Let's go over all the top Disney-inspired presets to create that dreamy, magical photo edit for your Disney-themed photos. We will also go over the best combination of presets for the time of year/weather you will have during your trip.

1) Magical Dream Preset Collection

Magical Dream is the best Disney-themed Preset Collection. Honestly if you can only choose one preset collection for your Disney photos I would suggest Magical Dream. This collection has dreamy pastel pinks and blues with soft color and faded contrast. It makes every photo a literal dream. This collection works best in sunny conditions and isn't as vibrant in overcast lighting conditions but will still give you beautiful color and a dreamy aesthetic.

The Best Disney Presets Magical Dream Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Magical Dream Presets

2) Enchanted Preset Collection

This one was so close to being number one on this list because it gives amazing edits in all lighting conditions. Enchanted doesn't have as much of an edited look but it brings out gorgeous light and color with dreamy blue hues. This collection will be a go-to for indoor and outdoor Disney photos. 

The Best Disney Presets Enchanted Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Enchanted Presets

3) Princess Preset Collection

If you love soft dreamy pinks with delicate color tones Princess is definitely for you! This collection will be great in all lighting conditions and will bring so much soft color to your photos. Really enhancing all those dreamy pink tones.

The Best Disney Presets Princess Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Princess Presets

4) Wonderland Pink Collection

This is one of our OG Presets Collections. It's a game changer for anyone who has never experienced presets before. Wonderland will create the brightest dreamiest images with hints of pink. This collection does great indoor and outdoor but can be a little bright for some editing styles/lighting conditions.

The Best Disney Presets Wonderland Pink Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Wonderland Pink Presets

5) Dreamy Preset Collection

If you want dreamy pink tones like in Wonderland but don't want that much bright light and faded color, Dreamy will be your next best preset. This collection has rich color with pink and teal tones. It is the warmest preset on this list so if you love rich tan skin tones this collection will not disappoint.

The Best Disney Presets Dreamy Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Dreamy Presets

6) Magical Preset Bundle

If you are needing preset options to test out your editing style or are unsure of what the weather will be when you visit Disney the Magical Bundle will give you all possible options. You will have presets for overcast lighting, full sun lighting, nighttime photos, fall and even Christmas Disney-themed photos. These are the only presets you will ever need for editing your photos!

The Best Disney Presets Magical Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: The Magical Preset Bundle

Whether you are visiting Disneyland or Disney World you have options for the style of photos you want to create. If you aren't fond of Disney-themed presets we also have a ton of other presets that will create amazing clean edits like Colorful Clean, Pastel, and Natural Light.

All These Presets Are One-Click Edits — Take the guess work out of editing and achieve professional results with the best-selling Lightroom Presets. With one-click of the Preset you will see the magic of photo editing. 

Opacity Slider Included — After you apply your preset in one-click you can fine-tune your edit with our opacity slider that controls how much of the preset is applied to your photos.

No Experience Needed — All you need is your mobile phone. You don't have to be a pro to capture great images. But our presets sure help make you look like one. We believe everyone deserves the ability to create gorgeous photos they will cherish forever. 

Presets For Everyone — Whether you're a photographer editing your photo sessions, a blogger or influencer editing your content for Instagram or just wanting to edit your everyday photos for yourself, you will love our presets collections.

If you have any questions, want us to test out your photos to help you find the perfect Disney aesthetic edit for your photos please fill out the contact form. We will more than happy to help you get that perfect edit for your photos.

You can view our entire collection of Disney-themed presets and the best presets we offer for editing your Disney-themed photos here: Disney Aesthetic Presets

You can browse all these Preset Collections or shop all our Lightroom Presets here: Shop Lightroom Presets

To use Presets you will need the Free Lightroom App you can download here: Download for iPhone or Download For Android

For Desktop users you can download a free trial of Desktop Lightroom here: Lightroom Desktop Free Trial 

Happy photo editing and cheers to your next Disney adventure!

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