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36 Best Lightroom Presets (2024)

The Best Lightroom Presets For Photographers (2023) - Lou & Marks Presets

The Best Lightroom Presets For 2024

Are you an aspiring photographer, influencer, blogger or content creator? Do you love photography and want to improve your photos? If yes, you are going to want to know the best lightroom presets for your photography style.

We are going to share our list of the most popular and must-have Presets for Lightroom. This is our master list for all photography styles. Before we dive in, let's explore why presets are so crucial.

Why Lightroom Presets Are Crucial To Build Your Brand

Lightroom Presets are photo editing filters that give your images consistent edits. Presets give photos a certain style such as light and airy, dark and moody, natural and vibrant, and film emulation. This edit gives your photos a professional look and makes all your images cohesive. Helping you build consistent brand images or a stunning photography portfolio.

Best Lightroom Presets For Portrait & Wedding Photographers

For portraits and weddings you will want a preset collection that defines your style while not compromising on skin tones or image quality. As a photographer your clients will expect consistency in the gallery you deliver to them and these presets will help you create that.

1. Golden Boho Lightroom Presets

Golden Boho is the best portrait and wedding photography Lightroom Preset collection for 2024. This preset creates creamy warm edits with mild moody tones and gorgeous skin tones. In 2024 the edit is a bit more subtle and natural but still has great warmth and soft moody tones. This collection will give the warm look you see in so many professional portrait and wedding photographers images.

Best Lightroom Presets 2024 For Family Photo Sessions By Lou And Marks Presets

Before & After Golden Boho Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Golden Photographer Lightroom Presets

2. Creamy Moody Lightroom Presets

The moody photo edit is always a top trend for portrait and wedding photographers. Creamy Moody Presets will create soft film tones with creamy skin and soft mild grain to smooth skin. Perfect for portraits and weddings. This is our favorite for weddings and portraits in warmer settings like summer and fall.

Best Professional Lightroom Presets For 2024 By Lou And Marks PresetsBefore & After Creamy Moody Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Creamy Photographer Lightroom Presets

3. Classic Black & White Lightroom Presets

Every photographer needs a go-to black and white preset collection. Black and white photos can really direct the viewer to the area of the photo you are wanting to give attention and also enhance and evoke mood.

The Best Wedding Lightroom Presets Black And White By Lou And Marks PresetsBefore & After Classic Black & White Presets

Shop: Best Black & White Photographer Lightroom Presets

4. Kodak Portra Lightroom Presets

Another top trend is film emulation. Making your photos look like film without all the hassle of shooting and developing film. A clean film edit is a very popular trend amongst professional photographers. The mild film grain smooths and evens out skin while the clean film tones create a light and airy look. The Kodak Portra collection will give you those dreamy clean film edits. We love all things film and this is our all-time favorite wedding photography edit.

The Best Film Wedding Lightroom Presets for Photographers 2024Before & After Kodak Portra Film Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Wedding Photographer Lightroom Presets

5. Woodlands Lightroom Presets

If you are drawn to moodier photos the Woodlands Presets will be perfect to help you create that mood evoking photo edit. Rich deep greens, moody backgrounds and vibrant color tones make this moody preset perfect for wedding and portraits. This is our favorite for photographers that shoot in a lot of overcast conditions, shoot in nature or want a moody look to their photos.

Best Moody Photographer Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Woodlands Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Moody Photographer Lightroom Presets

6. Natural Light Lightroom Presets

If you are editing images you want to enhance the over-all look of but keep natural the Natural Light Presets are going to be amazing for your editing style! These presets will warm up photos while maintaining the natural color profile of the image. Crips clean edits with natural color tones. This is our favorite for all styles of photography. If you just want to enhance your image naturally this will be your all time go-to preset.

Best Natural Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Natural Light Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Natural Light Photographer Lightroom Presets

7. Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

Enhancing warm tones and creating beautiful light is always a top editing style. Recreate or enhance the look of golden hour photography with this collection. Soft warm color tones and a natural color profile will produce amazing images. This one is great for autumn and summer photo sessions.

Best Golden Hour Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks PresetsBefore & After Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Golden Hour Photographer Lightroom Presets

8. Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

Light & Airy photography has been a top editing trend for years. This trend is a classic and will never go out of style. Who doesn't love bright airy images with soft skin tones and dreamy color? The Light & Airy Presets are a must-have to create that look. This one is our favorites for indoor and outdoor in natural light.

Best Light And Airy Lightroom Presets 2024 By Lou And Marks PresetsBefore & After Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

Shop: Best Light & Airy Photographer Lightroom Presets

Best Lightroom Presets For Influencers & Bloggers

For Bloggers & Influencers the best editing style is either something really natural and organic or a collection that really gives an edited look. 

1. Colorful Clean Lightroom Presets

The best lightroom presets for influencers in 2024 is the Colorful Clean Lightroom Preset Collection. If you are partnering with brands and need to keep the photos and/or products looking natural you will want an edit that enhances the photo but doesn't alter it's tones too much. Colorful Clean is going to be your go-to for your photos if you need that classic clean vibrant look. This is the best lightroom preset for all bloggers and influencers. Indoor, outdoor, portrait, fashion, flat-lay, food, home decor, this preset does it all!

Best Colorful Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Colorful Clean Presets

Shop: Best Colorful Clean Influencer Lightroom Presets

2. No Filter Lightroom Presets

Another top photo editing preset collection for influencers is the No Filter look. The No Filter Preset Collection will create consistency in your photos without changing the tones or colors of your photos. If you are working with brands, clothing, or products it's important to keep the colors as accurate as possible. 

Best No Filter Lightroom PresetsBefore & After No Filter Presets

Shop: Best No Filter Influencer Lightroom Presets

3. Wonderland Pink Lightroom Presets

Creating a signature style in your photos white creating consistency is a must for influencers. Wonderland Pink gives a much more "edited" look. These presets create a bright soft pink toned image with dreamy skin tones.

Best Wonderland Pink Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Wonderland Pink Presets

Shop: Best Pink Influencer Lightroom Presets

4. Dark Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

The dark aesthetic edit has been a top trend for influencers. The Dark Aesthetic Preset Collections creates dark gritty images with soft grain and rich deep black tones. Perfect for creating that aesthetic vibe and enhancing dark tones.

Best Dark Aesthetic Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Dark Aesthetic Presets

Shop: Best Dark Aesthetic Influencer Lightroom Presets

5. Analog Film Lightroom Presets

The Film aesthetic trend embodies vintage, retro, and classic film vibes. The grain in film presets help smooth and soften your skin without looking like you edited your skin making these collections a top choice for influencers. Analog Film is mirrored after Kodak Film, the gold standard for Film Presets. 

Best Film Lightroom Presets For Influencers 2024Before & After Analog Film Presets

Shop: Best Film Influencer Lightroom Presets

6. True Color Lightroom Presets

Keeping product, clothing, makeup and hair colors true to their actual color has been a top edit for all influencers. The best true to color lightroom presets are the True Color Preset Collection. Perfect for creating consistency without compromising on any color tones.

Best True To Color Lightroom PresetsBefore & After True Color Presets

Shop: Best True To Color Influencer Lightroom Presets

7. White Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

The white aesthetic trend is everywhere on social media. The Aesthetic Preset Collection creates bright and clean photo edits with natural tones. Influencers love this collection because it's great for travel, products, brand collaborations, selfies, and pretty much all photo styles.

Best Aesthetic Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Aesthetic Presets

Shop: Best White Aesthetic Influencer Lightroom Presets

8. Everyday Lightroom Presets

The natural photo edit is the top of the influencer list. Natural photo edits will dominate in 2024. Our Everyday Presets have garnered immense popularity among influencers. With a bright and clean aesthetic, the Everyday Presets are a timeless favorite among our influencer presets.

Best Influencer Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Everyday Presets

Shop: Best Everyday Influencer Lightroom Presets

Best Lightroom Presets For Indoor Photo Sessions

Indoor photography sessions can be tricky due to indoor lighting. It's best to try to utilize natural light from a window to soften and brighten the indoor lighting. For editing you want a preset collection that will help with the indoor lighting tones and create cohesive images.

1. Colorful Clean Lightroom Presets

The best lightroom presets for indoor photo sessions is the Colorful Clean Lightroom Presets. You can clean up indoor lighting, create soft vivid color and dreamy skin tones with just this one preset collection.

Best Indoor Photography Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks PresetsBefore & After Colorful Clean Presets

Shop: Best Clean Indoor Lightroom Presets

2. Natural Light Lightroom Presets

The Natural Light Preset Collection also produces amazing color tones and helps so much with indoor lighting. This collection will warm up your photos and create luminous skin tones with natural color.

Best Natural Light Indoor Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Natural Light Presets

Shop: Best Natural Light Indoor Lightroom Presets

3. Creamy Film Lightroom Presets

With film being so trendy in 2024, Creamy Film will be a go-to for indoor photo sessions. This collection produces amazing skin tones, smooths and soften skin making it amazing for portrait, boudoir and newborn sessions.

Best Creamy Indoor Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Creamy Film Presets

Shop: Creamy Film Indoor Lightroom Presets

4. Cream Tones Lightroom Presets

Creamy photo editing was extremely popular in 2023 and is still on the rise in 2024. The Creamy Tones Preset Collection lets you create soft creamy color and beautiful skin tones in your images.

Best Creamy Indoor Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Cream Tones Presets

Shop: Best Creamy Indoor Lightroom Presets

5. Portra Film Lightroom Presets

Clean, bright, vibrant film tones are a must-have in your editing arsenal. Portra Film is mirrored after Kodak Portra 400. This collection will create the dreamiest skin tones ever! Brighten up your images and create gorgeous color. The best for indoor photography sessions.

Best Kodak Portra Indoor Film Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Kodak Portra Film Presets

Shop: Best Film Indoor Lightroom Presets

6. Golden Boho Lightroom Presets

If you are wanting to warm up your photos and evoke some mood in your indoor photography sessions the Golden Boho Lightroom Presets will be your best friend for editing. Create golden light with soft moody undertones. 

Best Warm Indoor Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Golden Boho Presets

Shop: Best Warm Indoor Lightroom Presets

7. Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets

Bight & Airy photo editing has been a go-to for indoor sessions. It really does make the dullest, darkest photos bright and clean with gorgeous color tones. Great for newborn, portrait sessions and indoor weddings.

Best Bright And Airy Indoor Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Bright & Airy Presets

Shop: Best Bright & Airy Indoor Lightroom Presets

Best Lightroom Presets For Real Estate & Interior Photography

Interior & real estate photographers will want something clean, clear and crips to enhance and clean up indoor lighting. Bright and clean images really enhance interior photos while vibrant and clean images enhance the exterior images.

1. Real Estate Color Correct Lightroom Presets

The best lightroom presets for interior and real estate photography are the Color Correct Presets. We use these in our editing process to make walls white, help reduce blown out highlights, brighten up shadows, add a pop of a color, and sharpen images. Perfect for indoor and outdoor photo editing for real estate photographers and interior photographers.

Best Interior Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After Real Estate Color Correct Presets

Shop: Best Indoor Real Estate Photography Lightroom Presets

2. The Real Estate HDR Lightroom Presets

Real Estate HDR Presets are the best Lightroom Presets for real estate photography. They increase your workflow and give you a constant output. They give images a sharp, bright, eye catching look. Creating that gorgeous HDR look in your images. Great for interior and exterior images.

The Best HDR Real Estate Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Real Estate HDR Presets

Shop: Best HDR Real Estate Photography Lightroom Presets

3. Real Estate Lightroom Preset Bundle

The Real Estate Preset Bundle is the best to take your real estate listing or interior design images to the next level. Designed to give your interior, exterior, or twilight real estate photography a color corrected HDR Look. These work well for interior design photography and real estate photography.

Best Real Estate Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks PresetsBefore & After Real Estate Presets

Shop: Best Real Estate Photography Lightroom Presets

4. Colorful Clean Lightroom Presets

These Presets are designed to bring out every detail in each photo and give them a clean, vibrant look that will make your photos stand out. Make your images shine with these colorful and detailed presets. Perfect for cleaning up color and enhancing the overall image.

Best Exterior Real Estate Lightroom Presets ColorBefore & After Colorful Clean Presets

Shop: Best Indoor Photography Lightroom Presets

5. Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets

Creating clean bright white indoor images is editing standard for interior photography. The Bright & Airy Presets enhance images to create a soft bright clean airy tone while maintaining gorgeous color.

Best Bright Interior Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Bright & Airy Presets

Shop: Best Bright Interior Photography Lightroom Presets

6. True Color Lightroom Presets

Deliver clear, precise photos with vivid and accurate colors, perfect for any real estate & interior photographers. True Color Presets provide an easy way to get consistent results. Brighten up and clean up your tones with accurate colors. Works amazing on exterior photos too.

Best Real Estate Lightroom Presets 2024Before & After True Color Presets

Shop: Best Interior Photography Lightroom Presets

7. Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

Indoor photographers always have to deal with indoor lighting casts. To help clean up those tones and bring out bright white light the Light & Airy Preset Collection with by your go-to. Versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor images.

Best Interior Design Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Light & Airy Presets

Shop: Best Airy Interior Photography Lightroom Presets

8. Cozy Home Lightroom Presets

The brightest and whitest of all our interior presets. The Cozy Home Presets are amazing for interior photography. Brighten up even the darkest lighting while cleaning up indoor light tones. Best for indoor but can also be used on exterior photos as well.

Best Bright White Interior Cozy Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Cozy Home Presets

Shop: Best Home Photography Lightroom Presets

Best Lightroom Presets For Food Photography

Food photography photo editing can be a little tricky because you don't want to alter the color of the food too much. You either want to stick to a bright and clean edit or a darker edit. You will base this off the background and dominant colors in your photos.

1. Bright Food Lightroom Presets

The best Lightroom Presets for food photography are the Bright Food Lightroom Presets. Food photography is all about creating amazing natural color tones and cleaning up indoor lighting casts. Bright Food cleans up those tones and creates vibrant clean images.

The Best Food Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Bright Food Presets

Shop: Best Food Photography Lightroom Presets

2. Colorful Clean Lightroom Presets

Colorful Clean Lightroom Presets are great for food photography. This collection will clean up indoor lighting while maintaining natural color tones and creating bright light. An absolute go-to for all photographers.

The Best Colorful Food Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Colorful Clean Presets

Shop: Best Clean Food  Photography Lightroom Presets

3. Dark Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

If you are wanting to photograph your food in a darker environment with a moodier vibe the Dark Aesthetic Presets will be amazing at enhancing your images. This collection evokes so much mood and creates a beautiful dark aesthetic.

Dark And Moody Food Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Dark Aesthetic Presets

Shop: Best Moody Food  Photography Lightroom Presets

4. Matte Mood Lightroom Presets

The Matte Mood Preset Collection also does a great job of creating darker toned images. This collection has more clarity and sharpness than Dark Aesthetic. Making it great for those detail shots.

Best Dark Aesthetic Food Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Matte Mood Presets

Shop: Best Dark Food  Photography Lightroom Presets

5. Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

If you are wanting to create light & airy toned food photography the Light & Airy Presets will be perfect! Clean up indoor lighting, enhance the color of your images and maintain clarity and sharpness in your food photography.

Best Light And Airy Food Photography Lightroom PresetsBefore & After Light & Airy Presets

Shop: Best Light & Airy Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Adjusting Lightroom Presets

Now that we went over all the best presets for all styles of photography, now let's go over how to get the best outcome with Lightroom Presets. 

Presets look amazing in one-click and most photos won't need any further adjustments. If you are in a situation with hard lighting or dominant colors you can adjust the presets to suit your situation. After you apply a preset you have a few options to quickly fine-tune the edit to suit your images dominant colors and lighting. 

The Opacity Slider In Lightroom

All our presets include an opacity slider that helps you adjust the amount of edit. You can increase or decrease the amount of the preset being applied to your image. 

For iPhone & Android you can find the slider after you apply a Preset then click on that preset again. The slider will pop up and you can adjust the setting.

For Desktop Lightroom you can find the slider in the Presets Panel after you apply a preset. You can simply slide to the desired amount.

Adjust The White Balance

To get your color tones just right you can adjust the white balance after applying a preset. You can either use the "Auto" white balance option, which honestly works great or manually adjust to your liking.

If you are using Lightroom Classic (LrC) you can also use the white balance eye dropper to select a neutral tone in your image so Lightroom can achieve a better white balance for your photo.

Adjust The Exposure

If you need to fine-tune the brightness of your image after you apply a preset you can tweak your exposure. You can also try "Auto" but it will adjust a few other settings but can give great results. Manually adjusting the exposure will work great to really get that perfect lighting.

Batch Editing Photos To Save Time

Now one of Lightroom's most amazing features, batch editing. If you are editing a whole gallery or entire shoot you won't want to apply a preset manually to each photo manually it just takes so much time. You will want to apply one preset to all your photos at once.

To batch edit in Lightroom Mobile you will first copy the Preset and then select all your photos you want to add the preset too. Then click paste to add the preset to all your photos.

In Lightroom Desktop you will apply the preset to one of your photos in your gallery and then select all the photos you want to apply the Preset to. Then click "sync", this will apply the Preset to all the photos.

You can browse all these Preset Collections or shop all our Lightroom Presets here: Shop Lightroom Presets

To use Presets you will need the Free Lightroom App you can download here: Download for iPhone or Download For Android

For Desktop users you can download a free trial of Desktop Lightroom here: Lightroom Desktop Free Trial 

If you need any help or have any questions on editing styles or the right Lightroom Presets for your photography please Fill Out The Contact Form

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