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10 Best Christmas Lightroom Presets (2023)

The Best Christmas Lightroom Presets (2023) - Lou & Marks Presets

If you have a passion for photography and enjoy editing your photos in Lightroom or Photoshop, this list will be a valuable resource to help you enhance your holiday photo editing style. Discover the best Christmas Lightroom Presets for holiday photo editing.

Lightroom Presets are the best way to enhance holiday photos, and give them a cozy Christmas look. Presets will help you create stunning winter-themed photo edits.

Looking to add a touch of holiday magic to your photos? Lightroom Presets are here to help make your holiday photos shine with a cozy glow! Whether you're capturing family moments, holiday card photos, indoor home decor, or outdoor winter scenery, presets will help you create stunning winter-themed photo edits.

Let go over all the best Christmas Lightroom Presets to effortlessly enhance all your holiday photos. Experience incredible edits with these Presets for Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Lightroom Desktop, and Adobe Photoshop users.

1. Cozy Holiday Lightroom Presets

The best preset for editing Christmas photos in 2023 is one with a natural look that creates vibrant holiday color tones. The Cozy Holiday Preset Collection has been a go-to for all holiday photos themes. With it's bright colorful tones it has been a must-have for holiday photo cards, Christmas tree photo sessions, winter weddings and engagements, holiday home decor and all holiday portraits. Cozy Holiday will enhance your photos with clean color, gorgeous skin tones, and bright highlights. These Presets have been loved by all photographers, bloggers and photo enthusiasts. 

Cozy Holiday Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Cozy Holiday Christmas Lightroom Presets

2. Vibrant Christmas Lightroom Presets

Another top winter holiday photo editing trend has been a rich vibrant color look. The Vibrant Christmas Preset Collection will create consistency in your photos with vibrant color enhancing those gorgeous greens and reds. Vibrant Presets produce dreamy color, and clean tones making it another favorite for holiday themed photos.

Vibrant Christmas Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Vibrant Christmas Lightroom Presets

3. Mulled Wine Lightroom Presets

Maintaining gorgeous skin tones while creating a holiday theme in your photos is always a top choice for winter photo editing. The Mulled Wine Preset Collection creates gorgeous rich deep color while not compromising skin tones. Mulled Wine Presets are one of the top collections for all winter holiday photos that need a little bit of warm color and contrast.

Mulled Wine Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Mulled Wine Christmas Lightroom Presets

4. Winter Mint Lightroom Presets

Achieve a calming, minty look that enhances those dreamy green tones is a must-have for winter photos. Give your photos a more dramatic edit that really makes all your photos look cohesive. The Winter Mint Preset Collection creates bright dreamy color and minty green tones. This Collection is loved because it's great for products, Christmas tree photos, holiday home decor photos, and pretty much all photo styles.

Winter Mint Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Winter Mint Christmas Lightroom Presets

5. Evergreen Lightroom Presets

Outdoor winter and Christmas tree photos are a popular theme for the holidays. Rich Vibrant Presets are a great way to enhance the mood of your photos. The Evergreen Preset Collection creates those deep rich colors with gorgeous skin tones. These Presets are perfect for outdoor family photos and Christmas Tree sessions.

Evergreen Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Evergreen Christmas Lightroom Presets

6. Warm & Cozy Lightroom Presets

The warm and cozy photo theme has been a top editing trend for a few years. Creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere for indoor photos is easy with this Preset Collection. These Presets soften skin and keep the photo very natural while creating a warm and cozy feel. This collection is a favorite among Portrait Photographers for its ability to create warm tones and maintain excellent skin tones in indoor family photos.

Warm And Cozy Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Warm & Cozy Christmas Lightroom Presets

7. Holiday Magic Lightroom Presets

The rich moody edit is a top choice for indoor holiday photos. The Holiday Magic Preset Collection creates amazing warmth with moody undertones. These Presets are a top pick for indoor holiday decor photos, indoor family photos, and food photos. 

Holiday Magic Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Holiday Magic Lightroom Presets

8. White Christmas Lightroom Presets

The bright airy photo edit is a staple for winter holiday photos. The White Christmas Preset Collection creates amazing brightness and enhances color with a light airy tone. Capture the essence of the winter holidays add a touch of brightness to your photos, creating a beautiful airy tone. Perfect for any holiday photo style.

White Christmas Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: White Christmas Lightroom Presets

9. Rustic Winter Lightroom Presets

This collection is one of the most popular Presets helping with photos that have a dull appearance caused by overcast lighting. The Rustic Winter Preset Collection is rich, warm and a bit moody in tone. This collection adds warmth and color to your outdoor photos. It's a must-have for creating a cozy winter scene.

Rustic Winter Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Rustic Winter Christmas Lightroom Presets

10. Caramel Apple Lightroom Presets

Creating a polished look that gives your holiday photos a complete vibe is a must-have edit for Christmas photos. The Carmel Apple Preset Collection creates deep moody color and tones. It's loved for indoor photos with a holiday theme.

Caramel Apple Presets Best Christmas Lightroom Presets

Shop: Caramel Apple Christmas Lightroom Presets

Christmas themed photos are the perfect opportunity to switch up your editing style. Our exclusive Christmas Preset Collection will elevate your holiday photos. Experience the warmth and cheer of the festive season with a touch of sophistication. Embrace the ever-changing trends of Christmas photo editing while maintaining authenticity and consistency. 

Our Presets allow you to adjust the edit intensity of the preset. Presets look amazing in one-click but can be adjusted to suit your style of editing and your images lighting and white balance. To adjust the preset you will simply use the preset slider included in all our presets. 

You can browse all these Preset Collections or shop all our Christmas presets here: Shop Christmas Lightroom Presets

To use Presets you will need the Free Lightroom App you can download here: Download for iPhone or Download For Android

For Desktop users you can download a free trial of Desktop Lightroom here: Lightroom Desktop Free Trial 

Desktop users can also use Presets in Photoshop ACR. You can download a free trial of Photoshop here: Photoshop Desktop Free Trial

We went over the best Lightroom Presets for editing Christmas photo in 2023. If you like to stay in know about all the latest photo editing trends make sure to read our recent blog posts that go over all the top photo editing trends of 2023 for photographers and influencers.  Connect with us social media to stay up-to-date on the latest releases and editing tips from Lou & Marks Presets.

Still have quesiotns on presets? Need help finding the right presets for your style of photography or your editing goals? I'm always happy to help with any questions. You can fill out the contact form here: Contact Lou & Marks Presets

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