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The Best Light & Airy Lightroom Presets For 2024

The Best Light And Airy Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

What Are The Best Light & Airy Lightroom Presets And How Do They Work?

If you love clean bright airy images and are looking to evoke a light and airy mood in your photography we have put together a list of the best light and airy presets to help you create that timeless look.

If you are looking to create consistent clean light and airy images this list is for you. Let's get into the best light and airy presets for 2024:

1) Everyday Preset Collection

This is by far the best light and airy preset for creating that dreamy soft airy look. Everyday looks amazing indoor and outdoor and helps to brighten up dull photos. This collection has 15 options to help you create the perfect edit.

The Light And Airy Presets Everyday Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Everyday Preset Collection

2) Light & Airy Preset Collection

This collection has more contrast and cleaner tones than the Everyday Collection. Light & Airy will create bright, crisp airy images with clean color tones. This collection is great indoor and outdoor.

The Light And Airy Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Light & Airy Preset Collection

3) Portra 400 Preset Collection

If you love the classic look of light and airy film then Portra 400 is going to be your go-to. This collection creates dreamy greens and creamy skin tones making it perfect for portraiture. This collections comes with presets with film grain and without grain.

The Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Portra 400 Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Portra 400 Preset Collection

4) Colorful Clean Preset Collection

If you want clean airy images with pops of vibrant color Colorful Clean will be your perfect for you. This collection is amazing for instagram influencers, product photography, and interior photography. It also works well on portraits.

The Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Colorful Clean Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Colorful Clean Preset Collection

5) Natural Light Preset Collection

If want a softer lighter edit with natural tones Natural Light is an absolute must-have. This collection works amazing in all settings and year-round. Natural will create soft dreamy warm photo edits with lost of natural light.

The Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Natural Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Natural Light Preset Collection

6) Aesthetic Preset Collection

Aesthetic is great if you are looking for a really bright edit with soft tones. This collection is perfect for instagram posts, bloggers, interior photos, influencer, and any image you want to bring out bright white tones in.

Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Aesthetic Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Aesthetic Collection

7) Bright & Clean Preset Collection

If your images are dark and dull Bright & Clean will brighten them up with clean tones and tons of light. This is the brightest collection we have on our shop. It can brighten up even the darkest of images and create clean color tones.

The Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Bright And Clean Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Bright & Clean Preset Collection

8) Cream Tones Preset Collection

If you want a natural airy photo edit with neutral color Cream Tones is a must-have. This natural preset collection with add soft creamy airy color tones to your images. The Cream Tones Collection is great indoor and outdoor and for all photography styles.

The Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Cream Tones Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Cream Tones Preset Collection

9) Light & Airy Bundle

If you want to test out all the possible light and airy options as well an airy black and white preset the Light & Airy Bundle will be your best option for presets. This preset bundle includes all the best light and airy images and will help you create the dreamiest photo edits.

The Best Light And Airy Presets For Lightroom Bundle Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

Shop: Light & Airy Bundle

Light & Airy Lightroom Presets are a key tool for developing your style as a photographer. They create uniform light and airy photos and define your photography. These Presets are essential for portrait, boudoir, wedding, and engagement photographers.

Photography Presets are used to edit your photos with Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. With Presets you can edit your photos professionally and achieve a light and airy aesthetic.

These Presets are ideal for content creators searching for a clean aesthetic, anyone wanting to simplify their editing process, and for photographers wanting to create that classic light and airy look in their photography.

Top Benefits Of Using Presets

Presets are an amazing tool for photographers and creators. Here are the top reasons you should be using presets:

1. Professionally Edit Your Photos

Using presets offers you the ability to professionally edit your photos without the years of gaining professional editing experience. 

2. Get The Best From Lightroom & Photoshop

You will be able to use Lightroom & Photoshop to the best of their abilities to enhance your photography. Preset creators know all the settings to help create amazing edits by adjusting vibrancy, clarity, color calibration, hsl, and tone curves. It can take some time to understand these features and learn how to use them. When you apply a preset you will have all these settings applied for you. Giving your the best possible edit.

3. Create Consistent Images

You will be able to consistency edit your photos to achieve the same look throughout all your photography sessions. Your clients will expect to have their photos all looking consistent and presets will help you create a consistent gallery.

4. Save You Time

Presets save you time editing your photos compared to manually editing each photo. Especially when you use one preset to batch edit. Instead of tweaking each setting you can apply presets with one-click and adjust them with a slider.

How To Find The Right Presets For Your Photography

Finding your perfect preset can be hard with so many options available. Editing styles are always changing in the word of photography. Here are some tips to help you decide what is right for you:

1. Determine Your Style

Something to consider is to determine what style of photography you like and what you want to create in your own photos. Do you like light and airy images? Or are you drawn to darker moodier edits? Knowing this will help you narrow down the style of presets you are looking for.

2. Ask For A Sample Edit

You can always ask for a sample edit to see how the presets will look on your photos before you purchase them. This will ensure the presets you purchase will work for your editing style and your photos. A preset creator should offer this option to help you before you purchase.

3. Read Reviews & View Photos

Read the reviews and view reviewer's photos. This can really beneficial to tell about the experience other users have had with those presets as well as show you their photo edits to help you get an even better idea of what the presets can do.

4. Experiment

If you are having trouble narrowing down what your style is you can always purchase a package with options for different styles such as light and airy, analog film, and dark and moody. Many Preset creators offer different styles of presets and will give the ability to try a few options to help you determine your signature style.

How To Use Photography Presets

Presets can be used in Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Desktop & Photoshop. Each Application has it's own process on how to install presets. We have put together separate resources for how to import your presets to each. You can view our full installation guides here:

Lightroom Mobile iPhone Installation

Lightroom Mobile Android Installation

Lightroom CC Installation

Lightroom CC Classic Installation

Photoshop CC ARC Installation

Getting The Best Edit From Your Presets

To get the most from your presets there are few tips that help you prefect your edit for any photo. We have an opacity slider, exposure, white balance and a few other tricks that will help get your edit just right.

1. Use The Opacity Slider

All our our presets are designed to be applied in one click. After you apply the preset you can fine tune the edit with our included opacity slider. The opacity slider helps you adjust the amount of preset being applied to your photo.

2. Adjust The Exposure

Your edit can be off simply because your exposure. You can quickly and easily adjust your exposure. Simply move the exposure slider to get your lighting just right.

3. Adjust The White Balance

If needed you can adjust the white balance to help the presets suit your images/editing style. To do this you can manually adjust the balance, auto-adjust the white balance or use the eye-dropper to select a neutral spot on your image to help Lightroom auto balance with the best of its abilities.

4. Contact The Preset Creator

If you are still not getting the edit you are looking for or were expecting you can contact the shop you purchased from for guidance. The creator should be happy to help you achieve better results or exchange the presets for ones that will better suit your photography/editing needs. We offer this to all our customers.

If you have any question on camera settings to get the best base for your photography, help deciding on presets, need a sample edit, or just have a question don't hesitate to reach out. Just fill out our contact form.

You can browse all our Light & Airy Preset Collections here: Shop Light & Airy Lightroom Presets

To use presets you will need the Free Lightroom App you can download here: Download for iPhone or Download For Android

For Desktop users you can download a free trial of Desktop Lightroom here: Lightroom Desktop Free Trial

Desktop users can also use Presets in Photoshop ACR. You can download a free trial of Photoshop here: Photoshop Desktop Free Trial

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