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Best Presets For Instagram Influencers (2024)

Best Presets For Instagram Influencers (2023) - Lou & Marks Presets

What Are The Best Presets For Instagram?

With Instagram being one of the most popular social media platforms it's easy to see why content creators prioritize the aesthetics of their Instagram feeds. Instagram Presets create quality professional photo edits in just one-click. 

Instagram Influencer Presets are presets used to edit your Instagram photos with the use of the free Lightroom Mobile App. These Presets are essential to building your style as a connect creator, creating consistency in your photos and speeding up your workflow. 

Presets are a great option for content creators looking for their signature aesthetic, anyone new to social media and wanting to create consistency in their photos, or anyone looking to streamline their editing process. You don't need any experience to use Lightroom Presets.

These Presets can be used on your phone with the Free Lightroom Mobile App making editing and posting a breeze!

1. Natural Lightroom Presets

The top Instagram photo editing trend for 2024 has been keeping your photos natural. Natural has really been the vibe for all social media platforms. The Natural Preset Collection will enhance your photos with soft color, mild brightness and add a hint of warmth. These Presets are an absolute must-have and have been loved by all influencers and bloggers. Natural Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Natural Influencer Presets

2. No Filter Lightroom Presets

Another top photo editing trend has been the No Filter look. The No Filter Preset Collection will create consistency in your photos without changing the tones or colors of your photos. If you are working with brands, clothing, or products it's important to keep the colors as accurate as possible. 

No Filter Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The No Filter Influencer Presets

3. Analog Film Lightroom Presets

The Film Trend! As a film enthusiast and photographer myself I am here for this one. The Film aesthetic trend embodies vintage, retro, and classic film vibes. The grain in film presets help smooth and soften your skin without looking like you edited your skin making these collections a top choice for influencers. Kodak Film is the gold standard for Film Presets. 

Vintage Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Film Influencer Presets

4. Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

The Aesthetic trend is everywhere on Instagram. The Aesthetic Preset Collection creates bright and clean photo edits with natural tones. Influencers love this collection because it's great for travel, products, brand collaborations, selfies, and pretty much all photo styles.

Aesthetic Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Aesthetic Influencer Presets

5. Lush Lightroom Presets

Dreamy greens and Cottagecore have been a trend this year. The Lush Preset Collection creates those dreamy greens and cottage vibes. These Presets are natural and vibrant. These are a go-to for Instagram Travel Influencers. 

Lush Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Lush Influencer Presets

6. Chill Lightroom Presets

Soft color and dreamy pink tones. Perfect for enhancing a pink aesthetic vibe. The Chill Preset Collection is natural and dreamy. These Presets soften skin and keep the photo very natural while creating a pink aesthetic. Influencers have been loving this collection for it's feminine vibe.

Chill Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Chill Influencer Presets

7. Dark Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

The Dark Aesthetic edit has been a top trend this year. The Dark Aesthetic Preset Collections creates dark gritty images with soft grain and rich deep black tones. Perfect for creating that aesthetic vibe and enhancing dark tones. Influencers been loving this collection for one of the latest trends: quite luxury styled photos.

Dark Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Dark Influencer Presets

8. Dreamy Lightroom Presets

That dreamy glow photo edit is always a top trend for photo editing. The Dreamy Preset Collection creates amazing brightness and enhances photos with a soft pink tone. This is one of the top collections for Instagram Dog Mom Influencers.

Dreamy Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Dreamy Influencer Presets

9. Everyday Lightroom Presets

The natural photo edit is the top of the list. This Natural collection is one of the most popular Influencer Presets and has been for the past few years. The Everyday Preset Collection is bright and clean with natural tones making this one of our all-time best Influencer Preset Collections.

Everyday Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Everyday Influencer Presets

10. Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

Along with the film aesthetic vintage in general has been a top trend for photo editing. The Vintage Film Preset Collection creates vintage warm film tones with beautiful grain to smooth and soften the photo. This has been a go to for creative content creators.

Vintage Influencer Presets

Shop Here: Shop The Vintage Influencer Presets

Style and trends are always changing and it's important to keep your photos and Instagram feed trendy and modern. Having a trending feed helps you grow your audience. You can shop all our the top Instagram Influencer Presets in our shop: Shop Lightroom Presets

To use Presets you will just need the Free Lightroom App you can download here: Download for iPhone or Download For Android

For Desktop users you can download a free trial of Desktop Lightroom Here: Lightroom Desktop Free Trial

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