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Free Smooth Skin Lightroom Presets

Free Smooth Skin Lightroom Presets By Lou And Marks Presets

How To Smooth Skin In Lightroom?

If you have ever wondered how to smooth skin in Lightroom we have created the perfect preset collection for you. And even better news, it's free. Yes Free! 

We've all had a bad skin day or have had a client that wants their skin baby smooth. It can be so time consuming to manually edit each photo with an action or  Lightroom brush.

What Are Skin Smoothing Presets?

This collection was created by an industry leader is skin retouching. Lightroom hasn't always had the capabilities it has today and we used to reply mainly on photoshop for our skin retouching. We also used Lightroom retouching brushes we offer on our other website: but with Lightroom's updated features we can now easily get those same great results with so much less work.

Free Skin Smoothing Lightroom Presets

Our Skin Smoothing Presets include presets with and without AI technology so you can choose how to edit your photos. For the free Mobile Lightroom App the AI Technology skin masks aren't available but you can still use the non-AI presets to smooth skin in Lightroom Mobile.

How Do Skin Smoothing Presets Work?

The presets will add a mask to your subjects facial skin and/or body skin. You can select to have the preset applied only to facial skin or to the face + body. This mask will reduce texture and smooth skin. 

This collection includes options for adding skin texture back in after the skin has been smoothed to create a more natural retouched look.

Free Skin Smoothing Presets For Lightroom

These presets are stackable, meaning you can apply the edit of your choice such as The Dark Aesthetic Preset, then apply the skin smoothing preset on top of that edit. These presets will only add smoothness and not adjust the edit of the preset you applied.

Our Skin Smoothing Collection works with all presets and edits. So you can use these presets in combination with any preset in your Lightroom.

This Collection Is Free. Think of it as our gift to you or an introduction to Lou & Marks Presets. We created this collection to help you add that finishing touch to your photos.

How Do You Use Skin Smoothing Presets?

You will always apply these presets last as your finishing touch. You can control the smoothing effects with the our opacity slider to increase or decrease the amount of skin smoothing being applied.

Skin smoothing presets are great for portraiture, boudoir, weddings, engagements, newborns and any photo that just needs a little skin smoothing added in.

This collection can be used in Lightroom Mobile Free & Paid App Version, Lightroom Desktop CC Versions, and Photoshop CC ACR. These presets are best used in Desktop Lightroom & Photoshop but will work in Mobile Lightroom.

For iPhone Users With The Lightroom Premium App

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You will save the Ai versions of the presets and only select "Masking" just like this:

Free Skin Smooth Preset For Lightroom Paid App

For iPhone With The Free Lightroom App

Watch The Video Here

You will only select the "Effects" & "Detail" boxes when you save your preset just like this:

Free Skin Smoothing Presets For iPhone
This will help make the preset stackable with your other preset collections and edits. These preset are very strong so make sure you adjust the preset with the opacity slider to get your edit just right! If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to reach out so we can offer help.
You can download this collection here: Download Our Free Skin Smoothing Preset Collection

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